It's not what you say, but how you say it!


Conqueror is a strong, recognisable brand providing the solution
for people seeking a prestige paper. Whenever you need to
communicate an important message and make to make
an impression, Conqueror quality guarantees the message
will be transmitted in the best possible way.




Discover all the unique benefits of Conqueror:

  • It’s the Premium Paper with the highest possible
    quality credentials
  • It’s made from the finest pulps, to make sure every
    sheet meets these stringent quality standards
  • It has the hallmark of quality –  the Conqueror
    Watermark - to show we are happy to endorse
    its credentials
  •  It has been made to the same exacting standards
    for over 120 years!
  •  It has a wide choice of finishes with
    matching envelopes
  •  It has a ‘no quibble’ guarantee
  • It is guaranteed for all office laser and
    inkjet machines
  •  It is made from trees matured in sustainable,
    well managed forests and is certified
    to FSC™ standards
  •  It is Carbon Neutral
  •  It is suitable for digital applications