Our  green selection

Antalis strives to ensure that growth goes hand-in-hand with responsible environmental practices.

Are you committed to using green papers as part of a sustainable approach? Or are you looking for the most recent innovations in green paper? Look no further. We have selected for you a variety of environmentally-friendly papers, based on various green criteria such as FSC™ or PEFC certification, recycled fibre content, low carbon footprint, EU Eco-label and many others. Discover our top list of green papers or download the full list of our offer.




Conqueror is a strong, recognisable brand providing a prestige paper solution. It also has an unparalleled reputation for environmental innovations. In 1991, the brand was the first on the market to launch a recycled range and by 2006 all its papers were FSC™ certified. They are now classified as CarbonNeutral® in 12 European countries.

In an ongoing pursuit of greener papers, Conqueror launched the brightest and cleanest 100% Recycled paper but also pushed the boundaries of innovation with a completely new material: fast growing and renewable bamboo!
The bamboo is responsibly sourced and selected with care. The natural shade in the range reflect this level of care – there are no OBAs (optical brightening agents) in the Natural White.

FSC certified product            Recycled Paper 100%     Recycled Paper 50%      CO2 Neutral



Keaykolour, the range of premium quality recycled papers and boards

Keaykolour is a collection of rich, intense and contemporary colours, all made using 100% or 30% post-consumer recycled pulp.

It has also FSC™ certified...Totally green!

FSC certified product                        



Maine Gloss Green / Satimat Green, the whitest shade of green

Maine Goss Green and Satimat Green are environmentally responsible papers produced with 60% recycled fibres and 40% FSC™ certified fibres. The 'whitest shade of green' delivering superb environmental credentials without compromising quality. This fibre combination also offers very high whiteness and excellent printing results.

FSC certified product      NAPM Recycled 100%      EU Flower     PCF      Recycled Paper 100%      Heavy Metal               



Cocoon, Inspired by Green Technology

If you are looking for a 100% recycled paper with high whiteness and outstanding printability, look no further…
The paper is FSC™ recycled certified. Less energy and water are consumed and fewer CO2 emissions are produced during manufacturing, compared to the production of virgin fibre paper.


FSC certified product      NAPM Recycled 100%      EU Flower     PCF      Recycled Paper 100%      Heavy Metal



Eural, the 100% recycled concept.

Eural is a range of high quality natural white 100% recycled papers available in many coated and uncoated versions in sheets.

Recycled Paper 100%       PCF      NAPM Recycled 100%