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Printing and handling guidelines

> Set-up

Store at room temperature (17-23°C), at a relative humidity of 50%, from 24 to 48 hours before use. Unwrap the paper only at the last moment before printing and rewrap it immediately after the print run. For re-cutting: - keep the paper fibre direction (// to the large size) perpendicular to the printing direction. For grammages > 135 gsm, plan a rejection cut.


> Pre-Press

Large printed surface : under colour-removal recommended.
Intense full colours :
- for black colour, blue support (40%) recommended or two black sequences.
- for other colours, 1 or several colour support(s).

Screen ruling:
- Gloss & Silk: Optimum 175 lpi, Maximum 254 lpi.



> Printing

Printing techniques: litho-offset printing, silk screen, letterpress, waterless litho printing, Digital printing on HP Indigo 3050 / 3500 / 5500 / 7000 series, Xerox I-Gen 3 / I-Gen 4, Kodak NexPress and Canon C1-C1+ / Image Press 6000 / 6000VP / 7000VP.

All common offset inks are suitable. Besides conventional inks the paper produces excellent results with UV and hybrid UV inks. High density inks should only be used on Gloss. For Silk, we recommend using a machine varnish finish. Average drying time from 30 minutes to 2 hours after printing.


> Finishing

Finishing techniques: foil blocking, embossing, lamination, all varnishing (Multiple matt, gloss, UV and spot varnishing are allowed).


> Shaping

Suitable for perforating, drilling, die cutting. Thread wire and adhesive binding can be used.
Folding: parallel to the paper fibre direction (// of the large size)
Scoring: Precreasing is recommended when folding grammages of 170 gsm and higher;
from 200 gsm, larger scoring needed on the back of the fold.
Cutting: ensure that the blade of the guillotine is sharp enough to avoid dust deposits.


> Storage

Protect the paper against any risk of moisture during the storage period.