Refit Background




The new fashion conscious paper
from cotton & wool

The new REFIT paper, produced with wool and cotton
textile fibres in partial
 substitution of virgin tree fibres,
is a real example of industrial symbiosis
 that enhances
industrial by-products and
 support the fight against waste
an ethical supply chain.

The waste from carding, spinning and weaving processes
which were destined for landfill,
 are used to produce the
new REFIT material with a high aesthetic and an
value for print
 and premium packaging. By creatively
reusing this
 material in paper production, we obtain REFIT, 
a 100% recyclable and biodegradable paper.



Discover all the unique benefits of Refit:

  • 2 finishes, Wool & Cotton
  • 5 timeless colours: White, Pearl, Grey, Blue and Black
  • From 120g up to 360g 
  • Matching envelopes 
  • 15% by-products from the fashion industry 
  • 40% post-consumer waste recycled fibre 
  • Made with 100% hydro-electric energy selfproduced