Brisk Collection

Brisk Original has an excellence performance on offset printing with high quality standard awakens your senses of light coated papers, smooth and fine surface is perfect for all finishing. With large range of weight you will discover an unlimited field of possibilities to express your ideas.

Brisk Texture has three types of contemporary texture – Eggshell / Granite / Nano Dot which bring you a delicate and elegant feel. Refined subtle textured paper brings the outstanding performance in offset printing. The comprehensive range of weights (120 / 170 / 290gsm) is the best ideal medium for your designs.

Eggshell – Also known as orange peel texture which enhances the layer of the image
Granite – Natural stone for classic and subtle touch
Nano Dot – The timeless and exquisite of micro dot



Discover Brisk Collection:


  • Suitable for litho, screen printing, blind embossing, laser cutting, foil blocking, folding and creasing
  •  The range is FSC™ certified
  •  Acid-free
  • Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) 
  •  ISO 14001 Environmental Certificate