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[categories] Antalis launches ICC Profile Centre to deliver first class print results first time round to LFP customers

2015/09/01 - Europe

Local countries, September 3rd, 2015 Antalis, the leading European merchant of paper, visual communication and packaging solutions, continues to invest in services to support its Large Format Printing (LFP) customers and is making a comprehensive database of ICC profiles for leading visual communications products and digital printing presses available on its www.antalis.com website (insert local website). Easily accessible through a single sign on, the ICC Profile Centre ensures that customers obtain optimum printing results from the outset avoiding costly trial runs and re-prints. Over a thousand profiles are already available with more being continuously added.

As the visual communication market continues to grow and Antalis expands its offering in this segment with dynamic brands such as Coala, we need to ensure that we are also delivering the services that will allow our customers to make the most of this business opportunity,” states Nicolas Coupry, visual communication product manager at Antalis International (or add local contact). “The Antalis ICC Profile Centre guarantees that each LFP print job is perfectly calibrated to deliver high quality colour results from the first print regardless of the substrate or machine used. “  

Readily available on the Antalis website, the ICC Profile Centre allows customers to choose a specific printer manufacturer, printer model, ink type and set-up as well as the precise substrate to be used for perfect results every time. As the Antalis visual communication portfolio grows, new ICC profiles will be added to the centre for added-value media such as wall papers and easy-apply products.

We intend to continue working with the very best labs in this field to meet the expectations of our customers and keep pace with market trends”, concludes Nicolas Coupry (or local contact).

To access the ICC Profile Centre, go to: local page

About Antalis

Antalis is the leading paper, packaging and visual communications merchant in Europe. As number 2 worldwide with a turnover of 2.585 billion in 2014, the group employs 5,585 people serving over 120,000 clients, companies and printers, in 44 countries via their 118 distribution centres. Antalis carries out 14,000 deliveries each day in the world and distributes 1.8 million tons of paper per year on a global level. Antalis is the distribution branch of Sequana. For more information, visit www.antalis.com (or local website).