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[categories] Platinum Sponsor Antalis to showcase latest technological innovations and ongoing d2b initiative

2013/11/06 - Europe

For the second year running, the leading European paper merchant Antalis will attend DSCOOP EMEA, the Digital Solutions Cooperative event which brings together an independent community of graphic arts business owners and technical professionals who use HP Graphic Arts equipment and related solutions. The event will be the opportunity for Antalis to present the d2b (Digital-to-Business) initiative, the benefits offered by this initiative to Print Service Providers (PSPs) as well as two surprising products that combine paper and technology to push the boundaries of paper’s possibilities: Defender™ from PaperTyger, a substrate that has been hardened with a security barrier to prevent RFID detection and PowerCoat, a substrate that revolutionises printed electronics. Antalis will lead a conference at DSCOOP entitled “How can Antalis can help Print Service Providers grow their business?” on November 7th at 4.15pm (Bramante 6/7).

Defender™ from PaperTyger and Powercoat®: taking paper to another level  

Innovation is part of Antalis’s DNA and as such, the group is constantly looking for new and exciting media that bring added value to customers and open up new application paths. Antalis will showcase two new substrates that meet these criteria at DSCOOP EMEA2.

Earlier this year, Antalis extended its specialty print portfolio with PaperTyger, a paper / plastic / paper laminate that can be easily printed on HP Indigo presses & home office print technologies to produce robust media. These media are suitable for short-term external applications where the layer of film provides a moisture barrier for a limited period of time (envelopes for delivery services, airline company baggage tags…), and for long-term internal applications (mattress labels, brochures, book covers…).

Defender™ from PaperTyger increases this versatility further. This reinforced version of the substrate is designed to be used in passport and card holder applications to protect against RFID readers and therefore identity theft, a growing phenomenon with the adoption of contactless cards carrying a “smart chip”. 

Powercoat® is another remarkable paper produced by Arjowiggins Creative Papers that facilitates the seamless integration of electronic functionality and printed graphics. This unique paper, which offers excellent surface smoothness and high thermal stability,  enables a whole range of next-generation applications, from embedded RFID tags to intelligent functionality in disposable labelling and packaging and lighting and display circuitry to name but a few. This opens up a world of possibilities in packaging, advertising and other industries where there is a cross-over between the real and the virtual.

Digital-to-Business: moving from a print job to a print services model

An increasing number of printers are acquiring digital printing presses in order to respond to customer requests for cost effective, small to medium print jobs that require a quick turnaround and are simply too expensive on offset presses. However, competing on this segment alone will rapidly lead print providers to continuously undercut each other on price, an economic model that is not viable in the long term. The key to a successful long term business model lies in developing differentiating solutions that can be associated with on-demand printing such as web-to-print and cross-media campaigns. 

These added-value services are what will enable a printer to differentiate himself from the competition and safeguard the prosperity of his business in the long-term”, explains Xavier Jouvet, group Marketing and Purchasing director, Antalis International. “But this evolution requires certain technological and marketing skills that a printer can either foster in house or acquire through targeted partnerships. One of the objectives of our d2b initiative is to facilitate this evolution by presenting the technical and application opportunities enabled by digital printing and creating a platform for exchange amongst the various print industry players.

Indeed, in addition to offering the most complete portfolio of HP-certified media[1] and media adapted to all other digital printing production presses, Antalis organises regular d2b open days and workshops at printers’ premises, provides them with technical guides and sales tools as well as with free trial packs to conduct printing tests. Antalis will discuss its d2b initiative further during the conference session led by Xavier Jouvet on November 7th.

For further information on DSCOOP EMEA2, go to: http://www.dscoop.org/printgrandprix
For further information on Defender™ from PaperTyger, go to:

For further information on PowerCoat®, go to: http://powercoatpaper.com/

[1] Visitors can witness the excellent results delivered by Antalis media printed on HP Indigo presses as a HP Indigo 1000 and HP Indigo 7600 demo on  Maine Gloss, Satimat and Digigreen papers will run throughout the event.

About Antalis

Antalis is the leading European distributor of paper, packaging solutions and visual communications products, ranking #3 worldwide and with sales of 2.7 billion Euros in 2012. Our 6,000 employees serve more than 135,000 print and business customers worldwide in 44 countries through its 108 distribution centres. Antalis makes 12,000 deliveries per day in Europe and distributes 1.9 million tons of paper per year worldwide.  Antalis is the distribution arm of Sequana. For further information, go to: local website