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[categories] Antalis offers new business opportunities to digital printers following ground-breaking Arjowiggins

2015/06/02 - Europe

Local countries, June the 2nd of 2015 Antalis, the leading European merchant of paper, visual communication and packaging solutions and repeat DSCOOP platinum sponsor, will showcase its new and improved portfolio of creative papers for digital printing as well as associated innovative applications during DSCOOP, the HP Graphic Arts user event held in Dublin from June 3 to 5. Following the strategic alliance between Antalis’ sister company Arjowiggins Creative Papers and North-American fine paper manufacturer Mohawk, the two paper manufacturers will share best-in-class manufacturing capabilities, facilities, technologies, sales and marketing resources and expertise. Mohawk has granted Arjowiggins Creative Papers exclusive rights to manufacture the legendary Superfine and to use the proprietary i-Tone® treatment for digital printing.

Thanks to this partnership, Antalis is now in a position to distribute to its printer customers equipped with HP Indigo Digital presses, the Mohawk Superfine i-Tone® substrate and a wider variety of digital creative papers manufactured by Arjowiggins Creative Papers which will now benefit from the i-Tone® treatment for enhanced digital printing. Antalis customers will therefore benefit from superior print performance and results ushering in a new generation of applications including fine art books, social stationery and photo books.

We have seen the impressive results that Superfine with i-Tone® has been delivering to North American printers for years and we now aim to bring that added value to customers outside the US,” comments Xavier Jouvet, Group Marketing & Purchasing Director at Antalis International.  “The superior print quality of papers treated with i-Tone®, more particularly the impressive image sharpness and consistent tone quality, are two must-haves for digital printing applications such as photo albums. We anticipate high demand in this particular market segment and look forward to multiplying the opportunities for printers to grow their businesses thanks to our extended offer of products for creative digital printing, more specifically Mohawk Superfine i-Tone and Arjowiggins Creative Papers’ new i-Tone range for use on HP Indigo presses.”

Visitors to DSCOOP can learn more about these new market prospects by attending the partner conference “Antalis, Arjowiggins Creative Papers, Mohawk: A ground-breaking alliance to open new business opportunities in the photo book market and much more!” led by Hervé Poncin, Chief Operation Officer at Antalis and Chris Harrold, Vice President of Business Development & Creative Director at Mohawk.  The session will be held on June 4th from 2.30pm-3pm at Liffey Hall 2.

A new swatchbook showing this extended product offer will also be on display at the Antalis stand at DSCOOP. Attendees will be able to see samples of the range and witness the impressive print results that can be obtained on i-Tone® treated papers, demonstrated on the iconic and HP Indigo certified Mohawk Superfine with i-Tone® and Conqueror i-Tone® CX22 products.

The specially formulated i-Tone® treatment has a unique affinity for both wet and dry toners, and is laser, inkjet and copier guaranteed for optimum performance.

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Antalis is the leading paper, packaging and visual communications merchant in Europe. As number 2 worldwide with a turnover of 2.585 billion in 2014, the group employs 5,585 people serving over 120,000 clients, companies and printers, in 44 countries via their 118 distribution centres. Antalis carries out 14,000 deliveries each day in the world and distributes 1.8 million tons of paper per year on a global level. Antalis is the distribution branch of Sequana. For more information, visit www.antalis.com


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