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[categories] Antalis presents Coala Magnetics, an innovative, cost-effective solution for personalised and dynamic display

2017/04/06 - Europe

Place, date April 2017 – Antalis, Europe’s leading distributor of paper and visual communication solutions, will launch Coala Magnetics at FESPA1 (8-12 May in Hamburg), an original range of large-format magnetic displays that can change as easily as the seasons. Printable, repositionable and quickly installed, the range is ideal for creating eye-catching promotional and communication applications in retail outlets, hotels, restaurants, museums, exhibitions and other public spaces.

Coala Magnetics: combining customisation and cost-effectiveness

Coala Magnetics completes the Coala brand of products designed for large-format printing where growth is being driven by technological advances, including the rise in inkjet technologies with which the brand is compatible. Following on the heels of the recently launched Coala Wall Design collection of personalised wallpapers, Coala Magnetics continues to make wall coverings a canvas to express a brand’s unique personality while also being a practical solution to display, superimpose and update visuals, promotions and other merchandising news as required.

Antalis offers an innovative solution combining the magnetic adhesive base films Coala Magnetic Base Films with the printable ferrous films Coala Ferro Films. Slim and easily installed, Coala Ferro films deliver high levels of print quality and are suitable for printing with eco solvent and solvent inks, as well as UV inkjet and latex inkjet.

Without any professional assistance, users simply need to choose their preferred display surface (a wall, a door, a partition wall, cylindrical shape or even a vehicle) and place the Coala Magnetic Base Film on top. Available in a variety of formats and thicknesses, this material serves as the base for then positioning the Coala Ferro Films.

Magnetic base film

The range also includes the more traditional printable magnetic films Coala Magnetic PET or PVC, which are an excellent alternative solution for promotional displays or visual merchandising in retail environments. Also available in several formats and thicknesses, they are water resistant and easy to remove.

According to Xavier Jouvet, Group Purchasing and Marketing Director, Antalis International (or local contact): “Coala Magnetics is a highly versatile range which allows users to create attractive displays quickly and effectively with the advantage of being able to adjust them very easily as their needs evolve. This is an important added value for customers operating on very competitive markets such as retail and hospitality. The range is a natural addition to the Coala brand which aims to combine quality, innovation and usability.”

The Coala Magnetics range:

Base magnetic adhesive films
-  Coala Magnetic base 400 - Resistance 17g/m2, Thickness 400μ, Weight 1640g/m2
-  Coala Magnetic 700 - Thickness 700μ, Weight 2680g/m2

Ferrous films
-  Coala Ferro Film PET – Thickness 180μ, Weight 340g/m2
-  Coala Ferro Film PP – Thickness 190μ, Weight 340g/m2
-  Coala Ferro Canvas – Thickness 430μ, Weight 470g/m2

Printable magnetic films
- Coala Magnetic PET 300 - 30m
- Coala Magnetic PVC 350 - 30m
- Coala Magnetic PVC 500 - 30m et 15m
- Coala Magnetic PVC 600 - 30m et 15m
- Coala Magnetic PVC 850 - 30m et 15m

FESPA1 : Federation of European Screen Printers Associations

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